Have you ever set out in your car for a particular destination -- perhaps work, school, or a lunch date -- and upon arriving, suddenly thought to yourself, "Gee, how did I manage to get here?"

Distracted by music, conversation, or perhaps discussing an important matter on your cell phone, you didn’t remember consciously accelerating, turning, or braking the car and yet . . . there you were--safe and sound at your destination. But, how did that happen?

This book introduces you to the realm of the “ultraconscious.” A realm of the brain, as you will learn, that controls much more than just seeing us safely to our destinations.

The “ultraconscious” is the term the book uses to refer to the non-conscious mind, which, as you will learn, is much more powerful and significant than scientists have thus far suspected.

Not intended to replace other neuroscientific studies or biological models currently supported by scientific research, it does nonetheless present a workable, theoretical model explaining how the ultraconscious actuates in all our day-to-day lives. Not only how it effects us individually, but how it functions in interchanges with others as well.