About the Author

A programming enthusiast since the age of fourteen, Andres Martinez is originally from Colombia, South America, where he graduated with an MS in Electronics Engineering. After working at Apple for five years, he moved to Miami, Florida to study for an MBA. Andres then joined CLA, a networking technology distributor, where he filled different positions including the CEO. Ultimately, Andres founded baKno Games where he now leads a small team of developers and artists who’ve been able to release a couple dozen games for computers and mobile devices. Andres holds two patents in electronics design. It was his constant involvement in programming activity that led him to the U-Theory:

"One day while attempting to design a computer program clever enough to hold a written conversation with a human subject, an idea struck me that would provide life-changing perspective. One of those rare eureka moments that subsequently spurred a journey of discovery that has consumed a considerable portion of my life ever since…

… as I continued to focus on this programming issue, it occurred to me that over the course of the next few years as scientists wrestle with complex issues such as this while exploring the realm of computing, a better understanding of how the human brain works might naturally result. But, in order to achieve this monumental breakthrough, science will have to first consider a radical rethink of how we view the human brain and its functions. And it was this realization that led me to consider an entirely counterintuitive way of viewing human consciousness: the U-Theory."